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Skeen Children's Dilemma
A letter from from F. R. Bowles to A. J. Payne
submitted by


F. R. Bowles & Co.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Farm Implements

Christian, TX                                                                                July 2, 1900
                                                                          Dixie Ind., Ty.

Mr. A. J. Payne,

Dear Sir,
Your letter to Mr. John Skeen came to hand today and I write you to say that Mr. Skeen died about 2 weeks ago in very distitits condition.  John Stoud left him and four children here without anything at all.  Mr. Skeen was sick and had been all winter.  His children were distitits and starving.  I have two of them Jesse and Bessie, and Mr. Gibbs (or Giles) has the other two Hattie and Dessie to Keifhill they can provide for.  From your letter I infer you are not able to take them.  Please write me immediately where they have any relations who are able to take them.  If we cannot find any relations by Aug. term of court they will be taken in charge of the county.  I enclose you envelope addressed Please write me the names and addresses of all the relatives they have and tell me which ones can do best by them.  I will take the trouble to write to them and try to make the best provisions for them I can.  Please be sure to write the names and post office address of each family so I will make no mistake writing to them, also please answer immediately so as to be able to hear from them before the authorities let them out.

Yours J.C.
F. R. Bowles

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