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The Story of Jonathan & Thirzzie Fowler

Submitted by Lyndel Jennings


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Jonathan Kilgore Fowler was a son of Henderson W. Fowler & Elizabeth Jane Patterson. Jonathan was born 27 Aug 1858 in Greenfield, Weakley Co., TN. Thirzzie Jane Thornton was a daughter of Newton Marion Thornton and Mary Ann Gant. Thirzzie was born 7 Dec 1865 in Greenfield, Weakley Co., TN. 

Jonathan and Thirzzie were married at her home in Greenfield, Weakley Co., Tennessee on 4 Nov 1881. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Texas, settling first in Johnson County for a while. They later moved to Palo Pinto County where they built their home about 6 miles south of Mineral Wells in the Progress Community, near what is now known as the Hwy 281 or Stephenville Hwy. It was here that they raised their family and remained for the balance of their lives. Both are buried at the Willow Pond Cemetery, Progress Community, Palo Pinto Co. 

Jonathan was a farmer and owned a lot of land in the Progress community. He also owned land in New Mexico. When the crops were harvested and sold, money not needed for expenses was used to purchase more land. Jonathan & Thirzzie were always faithful to give their tithe's to the Fairview Baptist Church, which they helped organize and were charter members. Jonathan and his oldest son, Horace Greeley, helped move the church from it's first location in the Sturdivant community to it's present location in the Progress community. The Fairview Church is still active today. Jonathan and Thirzzie were the parents of 15 children, all born in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., Texas. Two of the 15, Tulula and Daniel, died in infancy. The remaining 13 all grew up in the Mineral Wells area and many of their descendants are still there today

Jonathan & Thirzzie Fowler Tombstone

Jonathan and Thirzzie Fowler are buried at the Willow Pond Cemetery, Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., TX. 

The Fowler Sons

This is all of Jonathan & Thirzzie's sons who live to adulthood.

L-R Arthur Wilson, Henry Lester, Horace Greeley, William Edwin, Newton Almer, Jonathan Kearby, Charlie Oscar.

Date of this picture is unknown, estimated to be about 1930-35.
The Fowler Daughters

This is 3 of the 6 daughters of Jonathan & These who lived to adulthood.

L-R Lillie, Annie Lee, Hattie Emma. 

Missing from this photo are Mary Ruth, Lizzie Mae & Minnie Belle.  Date of this photo is unknown, but had to be after 9 May 1926, as on that date Lillie was involved in a tragic accident on the Milsap highway. While she and others were riding in a wagon, they were struck by a hit and run automobile. Lillie died 2 days later. Killed instantly in the accident was Annie Jane (Bean) Fowler who was the wife of Arthur Wilson Fowler, Lillie's brother. Arthur and Annie Jane had 6 children. Lillie was never married.
The Fowler Family

This is Jonathan Kilgore and Thirzzie Jane's family of 13 children who lived to reach adulthood. Two children died in infancy, Tulula died at about 1-1/2 months, Daniel died at about 2 weeks. Date of this picture is unknown, estimated to be about 1920.

Back Row l-r: Lillie, Newton Almer, Jonathan Kearby, Charlie Oscar.
Middle Row l-r: Mary Ruth, Arthur Wilson, William Edwin, Horace Greeley, Hattie Emma.
Front Row l-r. Henry Lester, Lizzie Mae, Jonathan Kilgore, Thirzzie Jane, Annie Lee, Minnie Belle


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