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The John Ficke Family

The Ficke Family came from Rechtebe German

Donated by Sue Siebert

Recently a childhood friend asked why I didn't have any photos of my Daddy on this page, so Raf put together a montage of my Daddy, John McBee Ficke; my mother, Rose Elizabeth Bowden Ficke; and me, Johnette Sue Ficke Seibert (there is one photo that includes Mother's father, Marvin Tilden "Doc" Bowden; and one which includes Beth Scott):

The John Ficke Family

Ficke House, Rechtebe Germany, ca 1880

Ficke House, Rechtebe Germany, ca 1880

John Ficke
New York City, ca 1890

John Ficke was born in Rechtebe, Kreis Wesermunde Werlsdorfland, Germany, on 20 February 1872. His parents were John Ficke, born 20 May 1827 in Rechtebe and died 19 October 1900, and Anna Ficke geb. Wilken, born 25 April 1831 and died 12 September 1901. John Ficke left Germany on the ship, Trave, from Bremen and Southampton, and arrived in New York 19 October 1888. He was 16 years old and was listed as a grocer. He lived in New York City for 10 years, working in a saloon and grocery store in the day time and going to school at night.

In 1898 or 1899 John Ficke moved to Texas and worked on his brother's, John Henry Ficke, ranch in Wheeler County, Texas. Uncle Henry, as the family called him, was born 9 November 1859 and married Lena Helena Fubrken 12 November 1885 in New York City. She was also born in Germany. They had four children, Lena, Anna, William, and George.

John Ficke on left with family in Wheeler County Texas ca 1900

In 1905 John Ficke bought a section of land in Wheeler County, Texas. He met Harriett Elizabeth McBee while she was visiting her uncle David McBee on his ranch in Wheeler County. They were married 23 November 1910 in Chillicothe, Missouri

John Ficke and Harriett Elizabeth McBee Ficke

The announcement in the Wheeler Sun read: "Mr. John Ficke, one of Wheeler County's most substantial farmers and respected citizens, who lives east of Wheeler, returned from a trip up north Thursday evening accompanied by his bride, a Mrs. Bessie Kelly, a winsome young widow of Braymer, Missouri. The happy couple will make their home out on their farm where Mr. Ficke has prepared a most desirable home. The Sun joins their many friends in extending congratulations and best wishes as they embark on Life's rugged voyage together."

John and Bess Ficke had 8 children:

Leona Frances, born 13 March 1912

John McBee, born 6 October 1913

Anna Marguerite, born 12 October 1914

Bessie May, born 6 May 1916

Levona Fay, born 2 December 1917

Nellie Ethel Ferrol, born 4 October 1919

Lois Elizabeth, born 20 August 1921

Silva Louise, born 26 May 1924



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