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James Bowden Family

The Bowden family record was copied from the Bible of the Reverend A. F. Bowden, Methodist minister, by Mrs. Stella Bowden Claitor.

Originally from Ireland, later moved to England, then to America, Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Birthplace of Marvin Tilden Bowden, Polk county AR; photo taken 1924

James Bowden, born 6 Feb 1806

Elizabeth McAnally Bowden, born 5 Jul 1814

married 16 Mar 1830, children were:

Mary Ann Bowden, born 28 Nov 1834

William Sebastian Bowden, born 27 Mar 1837, Lawrence County, Tennessee, died 2 Apr 1814

Charles Winston Bowden, born 20 May 1839

Elizabeth S. Bowden, born 23 Nov 1840

Lois Matilda Bowden (Aunt Mattie White Dovie's grandmother), born 24 Apr 1842

Sara J. Bowden, born 24 Jan 1844

**(It appears that a Sarah Frances Bowden married a B. W. Nowlin on 25 Jan 1866) Since there is a relationship between Nowlin and Bowden, I thought this might be the place to cite it.

John Allen Bowden, born 28 Jun 1846

David Bowden

James Bowden

(These were all natives of Tennessee)


William Sebastian Bowden

Didama Elizabeth Nowlin, born 6 Jul 1838 in Tennessee, died 26 Feb 1919
          married 17 Jun 1858 in Tennessee

William and Didama are buried in Rising Star Texas Cemetery. Their children were:

Allen Florinton Bowden, born 17 Nov 1859

Winston Charles Bowden, born 11 Oct 1862

William J. Bowden, born 1870

Ida May Bowden, born 24 Sep 1872

Anna Lee Bowden, born 1 Jul 1874

Marvin Tilden Bowden, born 12 Dec 1876

Andrew Alonzo Bowden, born 8 Feb 1879, died 24 Mar 1938, buried in Brownwood Texas



Allen F. Bowden

Ida Carnes, died 6 Oct 1892, buried in Owens Texas, married 24 May 1882

Cora Ollie Bowden Chambers, born 24 Apr 1883, in Arkansas, died 30 Mar 1919

Marvin Wesley Bowden, born 10 Dec 1884, died 25 Jan 1863

Pierce McFerrin Bowden, born 24 Sep 1887, in Arkansas, died 10 Jan 1926

Eldren Hunter Bowden, born 19 Sep 1889, in Arkansas, died13 Apr 1972

Stella Bowden Claitor, born 3 Oct 1891


Marvin Tilden Bowden, born 12 Dec 1876, died18 Jun 1947, buried in Brownwood, Texas

Lora Day "Bee" Routh


Rose Elizabeth, born 19 Apr 1910

Rose Elizabeth Bowden

John McBee Ficke, 6 Oct 1913 in Wheeler, Texas, died 1961, buried Brownwood, Texas, married Johnette Sue Ficke, born 18 Dec 1942, Stephenville, Texas

Nicholas Paul Banner, born 8 Jun 1942, married 30 Aug 1963

Katherine Elizabeth Banner, born 11 Nov 1965

Carolyn Virginia Banner, born 14 Jun 1967

Christina Dee Banner, born 19 May 1980

Johnette Sue Ficke

Ralph S. Seibert III, born 2 Jul 1942, married 5 May 1977

For more information contact Sue Seibert


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