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Peacock – Anderson – Stover – Crouch Families of Palo Pinto Co. TX

submitted by
Larry Singleton

Alfred Isaiah Peacock ‘Zare’

Malinda (Bryan(t) Anderson[1] was born in South Carolina 22 May 1818.  She married John Monroe Anderson[2] 27 Apr 1837 in Alabama.  She moved with the family to Johnson Co. Texas in 1865, was divorced from John in 1874 and remained there raising her two youngest daughters for two more years.  Later she moved to Palo Pinto Co. where she resided with daughter Susan[3] and her husband Randolph Newman[4]. 

Her daughter Eliza Virginia Anderson[5] married Alfred Isaiah Peacock[6] in Johnson Co. and they moved to the Santo area about 1878.  Alfred and Jennie’s son James Clayton Peacock married Florence Arzilla Stover in 1882 in Santo.  She was the daughter of Joseph David Stover, who’s family was from Calhoun Co, Arkansas and Denton, Texas.  Her Mother Susan J. Crouch came to the Parker and Palo Pinto areas in 1872 from Washington Co. Tennessee, with her parents Joseph S. Crouch[7] and Margaret Ann King[8].

Jesse James Peacock was a son of A I Peacock.  Hale Cicero Crouch was a son of Joseph S. Crouch. Thomas, Martha and Mary Stover are not directly related to Joseph D. Stover.


1 Malinda (Bryan(t) Anderson - Died 29 Dec 1891, Buried at Lake Creek Cemetery, Gordon, Palo Pinto, TX

2 John Monroe Anderson - Die
d 1 Sep 1903, Buried at Laramore Cemetery, Center Point, Johnson Co. TX

3 Susan Anderson - Died. 2 Aug 1823, Buried at Eastside Cemetery, Santo, Palo Pinto, TX

4 Randolph Newman - Died 11 Mar 1925, Buried Eastside Cemetery, Santo, Palo Pinto, TX

5 Eliza Virginia Anderson -Died, 25 Jul 1910, Buried Eastside Cemetery, Santo, Palo Pinto, TX

6 Alfred Isaiah Peacock - Died 13 Dec 1914, Buried Eastside Cemetery, Santo, Palo Pinto, TX

7 Joseph S. Crouch- Died 22 Sep 1889, Buried Eastside Cemetery, Santo, Palo Pinto, TX

8 Margaret Ann King - Died 23 Jun 1897, Buried Eastside Cemetery, Santo, Palo Pinto, TX

James Clayton Peacock

Florence Arzilla Stover

Joseph S. Crouch

Margaret Ann King 





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