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McKinnon Family Photographs in Strawn / Thurber area

Photographs provided by Doug McKinnon

Doug is especially looking for a photograph of his great great grandfather, Robert McKinnon , buried in MT Marion Cemetery. Robert McKinnon is known for being the first to volunteer to save 50 miners lives, in the great Thurber Coal Mine Fire in 1897. The story about the crowd of people gathered outside the mine on fire falling silent in awe when he stepped forward  to volunteer on what was considered a suicide mission is inspiring to read. He was later the Post Master in the Strawn area. If anyone has a photo of him, please contact me at the email listed below.

Pictures include: Sam McKinnon, who was in Copany E of the Rough Riders, his nephew, Curtis McKinnon, and Pricilla Sims McKinnon (1855-1907).

Some of the images have a larger image if you click on them.

Three McKinnon Children on a porch

McKinnon Men

McKinnon family on the porch







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